Happiness Option #1

I was completely surprised with the results of the studies the speaker showed. I was guilty of thinking that the people who were stuck with their choice of picture faked liking it better, as I’m sure many others did. It’s hard to believe that the people unconsciously changed how they aesthetically enjoyed the photo and truly enjoyed it more. These studies bring empirical evidence to people who say that happiness is a choice. I’ve known that people who are going through hard times can be happier than people who are rich, or have a relaxed life, but it was amazing to see that paraplegics, and lottery winners have the same level of happiness a year later. This Ted Talk proved the importance of making the best out of any situation, because we can all find happiness no matter what we are going through. A big thing I have been trying to work on is making a choice to be happy every day, and to realize that much of the time things are not as bad as they seem. Just as the orator stated, the people with no choice of their situation were much happier than people who had every choice. I think that is a very powerful finding. It shows that if we work with the things we are given, and learn to enjoy them and be content, we will be happier than if we complain about the things we don’t have, whether it is free time, or an object we can’t afford.


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